Natural ingredients for the most foam/lather

by Devan

I am looking for anything natural/organic I can add to my soaps that will give them the most foaming or lathering properties possible. I make both bar and liquid castile soap recipes and have had a HUGE success with everything but the lather... sadly... I'm always ready to experiment so any ideas you have would be great. I am also looking for something possibly to add to current batches of liquid soaps as well. My goal is to keep the liquid soap as clear and cloud free as possible.



It is normal for castile soap to have a very thin lather. Adding in a bit of coconut oil and castor oil to the recipe for the CP soap will drastically increase the lathering capabilites. Unfortunately it will no longer be castile soap but rather a variation.


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Ingredient amounts
by: Anonymous

Can you please share the amounts of coconut oil, castor oil, sugar and water you add? I would love to give this a try.
Thank you!

added natural ingredients-more lather
by: Yeshimabett King

Coconut oil, castor oil, a sugary syrup made up of water and several tablespoons of white sugar is what I used to solve the problem of diminished lather/suds. Try it, you'll be happy!

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