My soaps melt quickly

by Maria
(Athens, Greece)


I make soap using the cold process method.

My soaps are very moisturizing, leave the skin smooth, but they melt too quickly (5-6 uses of a 120gr soap).

I usually use 60% olive oil, 15% palm oil, 15% coconut oil and 10% other butters and oils (Shea butter, almond oil...)

Do all handmade soaps melt so fast?

What can I do to make my soaps last longer?

If the soap is harder will it be less moisturizing?

Please, help my beloved soaps!!!
Thank you!


There are a couple of things you can do to make your soaps last longer.

1. Make sure to cure your soaps at least 4 weeks. Aside from the fact that the soap needs to finish the saponification process, this also allows excess water to evaporate and makes the soap much harder...and no, harder soap will not be less moisturizing.

2. Your recipe looks great just as it could add a small amount of beeswax or carnuba wax to harden the soap up more if you wanted but it shouldn't be necessary.

3. How a bar of soap is used greatly determines how long the soap will last. To make the soap last a long time use a cloth or bath scrubby and lather it up (this takes very little soap whereas lathering up your body takes up quite a lot of soap) then put the soap down and use the scrubby to wash with.

4. Allow the soap to dry out between uses. Do not let it sit where the shower spray will reach it when it is not in use. Use a self draining soap dish if possible.

Hope that helps,

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