My soap smells bad

by Anonymous

I have just unwrapped a batch of cold process soap - the first batch I have used a stick blender to make and they smell horrible. I havent had this problem before, could it be the use of the blender? Will the bad smell fade when the soap is finished?


No it's not the blender. Sometimes cold process soap will have a chemical smell to it at the beginning of the cure time but this will go away.

The only other reason a soap will smell is the ingredients used in the soap recipe.

If an ingredient is getting old or going off, it could make the soap smell.

Milk products can heat a soap up and make it smell burnt. Lard can be quite smelly at times.

Take a look at the ingredients you have used...chances are one of them is the culprit.


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Soap smells bad
by: Anonymousmartha

I just unmolded my soap and it smells really bad. All my oil are fresh. I used Palm, coconut, castor oils, and a fragrance. It smells like a wet stinky dog, not to sound cruel. Why did this happen and will it go away?

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