My soap not hardening.

by Mariah

I made some soap and did it a different way.

I combined my oils, fragrance together let cool and then added cooled lye, water and sodium lactate.

My soap has not become solid and it has been a week.

Any ideas to save my mess?


Usually when a soap doesn't become hard, it means that too much water was used or not enough sodium hydroxide (lye).

Try running your recipe through a lye calculator to see if the amounts are correct.

I'm not familiar with the process you have used...did you get it from somewhere or are you just experimenting?

I'm not sure of the effects that would result when combining everything together cold. Usually there is some sort of heat involved, whether its from the hot oils and/or lye or from an external heat source and your process hasn't any of these things.

Good luck,

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