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by Julie
(Beautiful Australia)

Hello friends, May I ask you to take a look at recipe I am working on?.

Olive Oil 330g
Castor Oil 110g
Coconut Oil 320g
Palm Oil 240g

Batch size is 1000 with 38% Water = 380g and 143grams of Lye with a 5% discount.The INS value is 162 according to the lye calculator

I wanted this batch as close to natural as possible, therefore have added no fragrance. I also placed about 1/2 tsp of TD just to whiten the batch a little.

Could you please see if you think this batch is on track for me.
My purpose was to create a fairly conditioning bar, with good bubbles and creaminess, cost was also on my mind, hence using the coconut and palm which is cheaper here than olive oil.

I am so grateful just to have another set of eyes on this recipe,for some reason I am just feeling a little uneasy about it.

I have to make this recipe into a lot of smaller items, such as teddy bears and love hearts, so its important it will remove easily from my moulds etc. I really can't afford to have this sticking or anything.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, and just how helpful you have been thus far.

Kind Regards


The recipe looks good on paper but I do suggest making a test batch to see if it is what you are looking for and will remove nicely from your small soap molds.

Good luck,

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by: Jack

I just wanted to add that depending on skin type (and a few other factors), coconut is better kept at a lower percentage for a more mild soap. I found at 20% the bubbles were still good and it didn't dry my face.

Also, in terms of natural, according to Cavitch's book, kaolin clay is better than titanium dioxide. I find clay gives a nice earthy tone while oxides are more vibrant.

No comment on the castor; I've only ever used 5% or less.

Thanks for checking my Recipe
by: Julie

Thanks Cathy for checking my Recipe, I was worried about it. I have done the test batch, turned out quite well. It traced very quickly though, so had a little trouble getting it into the moulds. Have to say it piped really well in the cupcakes though. Do you think it has too much castor oil in it. I know most information I have read states between 5-10%. Might I ask your opinion and experience on this.

thanks again

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