MP/CP ingredients list on label

by Paula
(Western NC)

First question: The swirls,circles,and curls I see in your soaps. Are they MP incorporated into your CP or are they mostly CP?

Next: If you are incorporating MP into CP do you add the "other" ingredients that are in MP soaps into your list? It makes for a longer list on the label! I use MP and CP separately for different soaps for my shop but really would like to play more with the possibilities of combining the two. Using MP for the accents would be so much easier than premaking CP accents such as curls, circles, etc. thanks!


The accents I make for my soaps are all completely made from CP soap.

You can combine the two soaps and it can result in some really neat looking soaps.

I do think you would have to list the ingredients of the MP on the label though. You would list melt and pour soap as an ingredient and after it list the ingredients of the MP within brackets.


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