M&P and CP together?

by Lisa

Can you add M&P as an accent to a CP soap batch for special effects?

Like curls..bits..swirling?

If so...I have heard of the M&P "sweating" will this effect the CP bar in any way?

Will they stick together well?

Any help will be very helpful.


You certainly can use MP soap in CP soap to add elements like curls, etc.

MP soap will still be susceptible to sweating if it is stored in a humid environment. Both CP and MP soap contains glycerin which is a humectant. Humectants draw moisture from the air so if either CP or MP is in too humid of an environment they will 'sweat'.

I've had no problem in the past with MP soap sticking to CP soap. Once the soap reaches the sliver stage it tends to start to fall apart but that will happen with CP bits and even without bits at all.

One thing to keep in mind...CP soap tends to shrink at a slower rate than MP soap. This could result in the MP designs shrinking into the CP bar as the soap ages.


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Spray MP With Alcohol To Help Adhere To CP
by: Shay

It's a good idea to spray or spritz your mp pieces with 91% to 98% rubbing alcohol to help it adhere to the cp soap better. Especially if you are going to do layers such as a layer of cp and then layer of mp and another layer of cp. Always spray the mp layer after pouring with some rubbing alcohol to prevent it from coming apart at the layered section. Also a good idea to spray your mp soap chunks or pieces you are adding to the cp soap it will help it to adhere to the cp soap better and help prevent spliting. Just an fyi for you!

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