Moisturizing Soap

by Dianna

I am trying to make a very moisturizing bar of soap, and so far can't figure it out. Iv'e used Grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, as well as coconut oil for lather, and olive oil, and castor oil. I have even added some lotion at trace.

The bars always turn out firm, and lather great....the smells are not ever great, it's more of a chemical smell regardless of any scent I try to add.

The problem is that it makes my skin feel tight and dry. Iv'e looked at the superfat levels and they have been at 5% and 8%. I don't usually mess with the water as % of oils in the soapcal one was at 38%, then 36%. I did notice one really high at 61% (I must have messed with that one).

Any suggestions? I'm always confident with a new batch thinking, this one will be it, but then I try it and it makes my skin feel tight and dry. (I am waiting the 4-6 weeks to cure)


Also, I have not been able to exactly copy some of your recipies because I can't find all the ingredients you use where I am.


It might be a good idea for you to do some skin tests with the oils you are using.

Your skin may not like one or more of the oils. Try rubbing a small amount of one of the oils on the inside of your elbow or knees and leave on for a few hours. If any irritation developes, wash immediately.

Good luck,

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