Mixing in essential oil with hot process soap

by Ruth

Hello, I have done a small amount of cold process soap but I want to try hot process so scent doesn't get walloped by the heat when it goes through gel. (Technical term =) Any way I read your instructions and am a bit confused, I would mix in additives after its been cooked through gel phase, but what is the consistency I am looking for in order to mix in additives? How can I incorporate the stuff really well so as not to have a mess?

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My forte is cold process soap making and my experience with hot process is much more limited to the basics.

You do add the fragrance after the cook but in my experience it has been quite thick. I did a quick search and found some information on Gracefruit about making the hot process mix more fluid so it is easier to work with. She recommends using the full amount of water and adding 3 - 5% sugar to the water and dissolving it before adding in the lye. She also says you can add sodium lactate at a rate of up to 5%. She prefers to add it when the soap reaches a trace.

Check out her blog page on the link above for more info.


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