Milky Way Soap Molds

by Lily Young
(Orleans, CA)

What recipe of yours would be the best for pouring into the pre-made Milky Way Molds?


Any of the recipes would be fine to use though I would suggest omitting those with design ideas that would not be compatible with the soap mold.

I have often poured soap into my Milky Way Molds when my design idea leaves me with some extra soap base.

I do find that the soap most often requires a short spell in the freezer in order to release from the mold.

When using small individual molds like that it is important to wrap the soap in insulating blankets since it cools down very fast and can become crumbly.

I usually put down the blankets, layer one Milky Way Soap mold, a piece of parchment paper, a sheet of cardboard (or styrofoam board)...and so on with all the molds and finish with a sheet of cardboard. I then wrap the blanket around the soap to keep the heat in.

Good luck,

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