Mildew soap smell after 3 weeks

I have made goat milk soap using the same oil base recipe. Some batches after three weeks have the scent of the EO that I used on the bar, but once I use the bar my hands are left with a mildew smell. Like a dirty dishcloth. Sometimes, I've used EO sometimes no scent.

I have experienced this with a couple of different soaps. I wanted to know if this could be the curing time. Do I need to let the bars cure longer? It is a distinct smell and it is the same smell with the different batches that it has happened too.

I alway freeze my goat milk too and am very careful not to curdle or scorch the milk, so I don't believe it is that. Also other batches have turned out fine and when I use the bars they don't leave that mildewy smell on my hands. The only difference would be the superfatting oils, like avocado oil. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure why you would be getting a stale wash cloth smell.

I would recommend taking detailed notes of every batch you make to see if there is a common element to the batches that smell off.

As for the cure is best to let soap cure for at least 4 weeks before use.

Always store your soaps in a cool, dry location as well. Standing the bars on end on drying racks (or cardboard beer/pop flats) allows the air to flow around the bars.

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Mildew smell in soap
by: Lela

Thanks Wendy,

I hadn't thought about the Avocado oil. I did just purchase it
about 1 month ago and it has an expiration date of 8/2011.
But sometime things can go bad sooner.
I just made some Lavender soap with the Avocado oil last Saturday.
I will see if this batch ends up with the same smell.

Mildew soap smell
by: WendyB

I have made several batches of goats milk soap, freezing the milk first -
I am wondering on the freshness of your Avocado oil perhaps, has it started to turn slightly?
The only other thing I can come up with, is it taking on the smells of something it is near?

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