Melt CP Soap Base

by Michelle Collins
(Norman, OK USA)

Can you use the soap that you make from either cold/hot process after the 4-6 weeks as a base for melt and pour if the base soap has nothing added to it?

I was thinking of making a basic soap with just the oils and water and lye. Leaving out the color and scent so my kids can help with the melt and pour!

Thank you Michelle


Sadly, cold process and hot process soap do not melt down like the melt and pour soap base you buy.

Store bought melt and pour soap base will melt to a very fluid consistency and is very easy to pour and mix.

When you melt down cold process or hot process soap base it will resemble hot mashed potatoes!

This process is called re-batching soap and can be a lot of fun.

Something else you might like to try with the kids is making soap balls.

Happy Soaping

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