Melt and Pour Soap Mold

by Claire
(Kansas City)

I have been thinking about making soap- I have a 4 yro daughter and we did a soap program at the library and made some melt and pour glycerin soap.

I wanted to make something that was a little more natural and homemade looking.

I bought some shea butter soap base and some lavendar 'petals' and orange peel. I haven't even attempted anything yet cause we are VERY low income and I don't want to ruin anything.

I have some star and heart shaped silicone ice cube/ cupcake pans. They are cold/hot tolerate and flexible--would that work for a soap mold?


They should be perfect for using as a soap mold....if you look at my page on soap molds, you'll see a section on silicon ice cube and cupcake cookware that I've recommended for use in soap making.

Since you are making melt and pour soaps, you should visit Soapylove and The Soap'll find lots of useful information that should help you with your project.

Happy Soaping,

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