Melt and Pour Additives

by Di

I make mp soap but would like to use natural colours.

Could you please tell me if the following would be O.K to use in my soaps?

Rose hip powder
Milk powders
Indigo powder

I am hoping to start up my own business and many of my clients are wanting natural colourants.

I am using liquid cosmetic colours and have never used a powder so please can you guide me on how to use the above?

Also would the honey or the spices 'GO OFF' in my soaps?

Thank you so much, I look forward to your reply

My specialty is CP soap but I will help as much as I can.

To the best of my knowledge you can use the powdered colours you have listed in MP soap. I myself have used mica which is a powder without any problem.

You will have to experiment with the amounts to use and be very careful with the will stain.

As for the milk and honey....I would recommend buying the melt and pour soap that already contains those ingredients since adding too much liquid to melt and pour soap will make the soap quite soft and the milk could go bad.

Bramble Berry Inc. carries many varieties including a Goat's Milk and a Honey soap.

Good luck,

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