Marbling in Soap Mold

by Jennifer
(Ottawa, Canada)

When making artistic soaps, with swirls, marbeling etc. What soap mold shape do you recommend? Do you suggest using a rectangle loaf mold or a Square sheet mold?

The reason I'm asking is I've recently started to practice doing marbeling with a rectangle soap mold but I'm having trouble swirling the soap down through out the loaf.

Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you!


Certain soap design effects are much easier to do in a square sheet mold. Swirling techniques are definitely easier.

The only downside to using a sheet mold is that it can be more difficult cutting the soap into bars unless you have those nifty dividers.

A rectangular loaf mold can be harder to marble soap in since you have such a narrow area to work with.

Here are a couple of things you can try to get the swirl colour to spread more evenly through the loaf.

1. Layer the base and marble colours a few times and then swirl the soap with whatever tool you use.

2. Pour the soap when it is at a medium trace and not a thick trace. When pouring the marble colour, hold the jug up high off of the soap and it will pour deeper into the base. Bring the jug back down closer to the base soap and it will pour at a more shallow level. Then swirl.


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