Marble and CP soap

by Cynthia
(Arcadia, OK)

I have tried so many times to get my CP soap to marble. It usually just floats to the top. I have used several methods suggested and nothing works. Could you give me any suggestions?



When you pour the contrasting colour of soap, pour it from different heights.

Start pouring from high above the soap and do a crisscross pattern, then pour from lower down to the main soap and do the pattern again.

By pouring from high up you give the marbling colour more force to penetrate the base colour.

Another thing to remember is that if you are only trying to marble and aren't trying to add any other decorative elements, you can pour at a medium trace rather than a thick trace. This gives the soap a more fluid motion when trying to implement the marble design. It's much harder to marble something that is really thick. Think thin pudding before it sets.

Hope that helps,

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Marbling soap help
by: Cynthia

You are the best. I am looking forward to trying this tomorrow! Will post to let you know if this method works for me in a couple of days!


Marbling CP soap
by: Cathy

Your container is pretty much the same as one I have and using the high/low pour works great. You just have to pour from one end to the other since a crisscross pattern won't work.

After pouring use your spatula to create the marble effect.

And don't forget that a thinner soap batter will flow much better than a thick one.

Addition of container
by: Cynthia

I am sorry, I forgot to state what size container I have been trying to use. The measurements are 10"L x 3.5"W x 2.5"Deep this should help clear things up a bit!

Thanks for everything

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