Making white soap base

by Patty
(Glendive, MT)

I keep using the castle recipe for soap but it turns out light tan color. How do I get a really good white soap base without buying it. I want to make my own.


I'm going to assume that you mean 'castile' soap...100% olive oil soap. If I am wrong, please correct me.

If your olive oil soap base isn't coming out as white as you would like, I suggest seeing what type of olive oil you are using.

Extra virgin olive oil and pomace oil are both green in colour and tend to create a bar that has a greenish beige tint.

To get a whiter soap, you must use the A or B grade of olive oil which is a light golden colour. Be aware that most handmade soap will not be as white as store bought commercial soap.

To make your castile soap even whiter, you will have to add titanium dioxide powder. There are two types available. Water soluble and oil soluble. You can add the oil soluble to the base oils or incorporate it at a light trace. You will need to make sure to blend it very well since it can clump. The water soluble can be added to a bit of water and added at a light trace. Again you will need to make sure all lumps have been blended in.


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