Making soap with different oils and fats

by Ermina

My name is Ermina, I am fascinated with your web site.

I would love to start making soaps, but in my country it's not possible to get majority of oils you named in your recipes, except refined olive oil which is very expensive.

Is there a recipe based on oils/fats that are available to me, and those are as follows: refined sunflower, soy, vegetable oil and vegetable fat, refined and original domestic butter :((((

Thank you in advance on your kind answer,
best regards,


Sorry Ermina but I don't have any recipes using the oils you have listed.

I would suggest checking out SoapCalc and creating some recipes of your own.

SoapCalc is easy to use and has an instruction page as well as quick links for fast help on each section. Just click on the numbers at the top of each section.

Before you start you will need to find out what type of vegetable the vegetable oils come from as well as what the source of the original and refined domestic butter.

Good luck,

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