Making M&P soap with dead sea or moor mud

by Paula

Thanks so much for your wonderful site:)

I would like to try making a soap from a melt & pour organic base with a wet mud as the main ingredient. There will be some dry ingredients too such as volcanic clay and dead sea salts.

Can you tell me if you are aware of any problems I might encounter using a wet mud with a melt and pour base and approximate ratios for quantities to ensure a solid stable soap? Any pointers to similar receipes would be gratefully received!


Sorry but my soap making expertise is really cold process soap making and I'm not sure as to the amounts you can use of the ingredients you listed.

I do know that adding too much in the way of wet ingredients to melt and pour soap will result in a soft soap.

I'm posting the question so that readers can comment but you might want to visit the soap making forums as well to ask your question.

Good luck,

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How to make Dead Sea mud soap using MP soap base :)
by: Sj

I've been looking around for another way to create dead sea mud soap; and so far, through experimenting (the musician in me extremely!!), this is what I've done and I've tried it here at home before selling it. Okay, I have bulk M&P clear soap and goats milk soap, so to make a few 5oz bars, I've chopped up 1 lb of mp soap, added a few drops of apricot kernel oil, vitamin e oil, and about 1 tbsp of dead sea black mud; a half tsp of dark kaolin clay and a fragrance of choice; and stir constantly until melted and the mud is like a pudding shape; then pour in the molds.. after about an 1hr; WOW!! And the fragrance goes all the way through to the end of the soap and it laters well and doesnt break. The trick, is how much mud to put in otherwise it will get soft and squishy. If you get MP soap, get the sort that doesnt sweat. I go to for that.. I go there for everything! Good luck!! Its fun I will say that and my clients love them! :)

peace out

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