Make Handmade Soap White

by Anonymous

I am trying to make my handmade soap white. Would using titanium dioxide work or maybe using either goat's milk, coconut milk or pretty much any milk since it's white?

What would you recommend I use to make white soap bars?


The lighter the oils, the better, when trying to make handmade soaps white. Oils that are a very clear pale yellow or that are actually white work best.

Stick with oils like coconut oil, shea butter (refined), olive oil (regular grade and not Virgin or Pomace), lard, sweet almond, grapeseed, tallow, etc.

Adding Titanium Dioxide will definately help to lighten your soap.

I do not recommend using any type of milk to make a soap whiter.

Goat's milk will have the opposite effect. Goat's milk will often turn the soap a beige colour.

I haven't found coconut milk to make my bars whiter though they don't go beige either.

Something else to be aware of is the scent oils you use....they can turn soap different shades as well. Some fragrances will turn a soap brown or beige. Some essential oils like sweet orange and lemongrass can add a light yellow tint to soap.

Good luck and have fun soaping,

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