M & P Organic Soap Base - Can I make it white with TD?

by Christine

I love M & P soaps. I really do. But I have a problem with one of its ingredients (propylene glycol), so I have chosen to use the Melt & Pour MPG-free base.

I would like to know if I can use titanium dioxide to whiten the soap to look like the white M & P base.

Also, what is the best method to do so? How much do I use, or do I just 'wing' it? Lol...Thanks in advance.


Titanium Dioxide is the ingredient used by the melt and pour manufacturers to whiten their bases.

Try adding the oil disbursable titanium dioxide to a small amount of glycerin or oil to create a chaulky liquid. Make sure to mix it thoroughly to remove any lumps. You can then add varying amounts of it to your melt and pour base...the amount will depend on how 'white' you want your soap.


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Re: Colouring Melt & Pour
by: Christine (UK)

Thanks for confirming what I was already thinking, Cathy. Love your site. Keep up the good work!!!

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