by Marsha

I made Liquid soap and used a lye calculator.

When I finished the soap-dropped in water was clear as instructed so it should be neautrilized.

I poured it in jars and it was a clear amber color. In the morning it was white creamy color. I had added 3 oz. boric acid in the soap while hot. I tested for alkali and it was very blue. I put the soap back in the crock pot(it had cooked 4 hours before vasaline state) and I added borax this time. I tested. Alkali. I added vinegar. Alkali. I added more boric acid. Still Alkali.

Nothing helped with this. I don't understand that it was so clear in the water but now test so alkali. If it sets for 2 weeks maybe will it neutralize? I will probably just use this for laundry since I used so much different stuff to neutralize it. It has some good oils in it though.


Unfortunately, I have no idea. I don't actually make liquid soap (maybe one day). My specialty is cold process and room temperature soap making.

Did you use Catherine Failors book "Making Natural Liquid Soap's"? If you did, you could try contacting her through her website Milky Way Molds with your questions.

I will post your question here as well in case any of our readers have an answer for you.

Good luck,

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