Lye Calculator & Soap with undisolved lye

by Kerrie

I have two questions, I have been Using MMS soap calculator as i found it very easy when I began , but now I am able to use SoapCalc and I have found a big difference in a recipe that i have doing for awhile now. I'm not sure which amount would be correct. The batch is 880g and i use 60% olive oil and 40% coconut oil. The MMS calc says 129g lye and the soapcalc says 145g. I dont know which one to follow.

My other question is regarding lye not properly mixed in, I did a batch with the most amazing swirls on top and when i cut it the log looked like it had chicken pox. I tried the zap test and it sure zapped, but i was hoping to use it in a months time when cured but i saw in some of the other questions you said to use it as laundry soap. Will it always be "active" so not safe to use on the body?

Thank you again for your time and helping us new to the soap making world.


I ran your recipe through SoapCalc and got 129.23 grams of lye so I'm guessing you made an error somewhere when entering your data. You may have accidently used fractionated coconut oil...I checked and it comes out at 145 grams. You want to be using the coconut oil, 76 degrees or 92 degrees depending on the one you have. I think most people have the 76.

For your second question, if the chicken pox bits are hard little white slimy bead like things then you will need to throw the soap out. If the lye hasn't mixed in and is in chunks then you could very easily damage your laundry and you most certainly don't want to use it on your skin.

If the chicken pox look is just a discolouring then I would leave the soap for 4 - 6 weeks and then check to see if it zaps.


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