Lye calculation???

by Alison
(Elk Horn, KY USA)

I would like to start by saying that I find your site very informative and fun. In doing alot of reading about begining soap making processes, each site says to run the recipe through a lye calculation, even if the lye calculation has been given.

In the recipes I have found of yours (ie. Goat Milk Soap & Shea Butter) the lye/water calculations don't match up.

Please help!!! What am I doing wrong??? I used Brambleberrys Lye calculator but it comes out differently than your calculation. Thank you for your help.


Each lye calculator out there will have slight variations, especially in the amount of water. The lye content needed should be very close.

I ran my recipe through SoapCalc just to be sure that there were not any errors and it came up the same as usual.

You will notice on each recipe page, I have listed the water percentage and lye reduction just below the recipe. You will need to use those figures in the lye calculator.


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