Lumpy laundry soap

by Eline
(Rhenen, the Netherlands)

Thank you for your vast and detailed site!

I started making soap a few weeks ago and I'm hooked! I made your recipe for laundry soap. The result was a lumpy liquid.

It is transparant with lumps in them. Is this how it is supposed to look, or did I go wrong somewhere?

Thank you!


I'm glad you like the site! I just wish I had more time to devote to it since I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time to put them into action!

I completely understand your concern about the laundry soap. We are so used to the esthetically pleasing look of commercial soap that the 'slimy, gloopy look' of homemade laundry soap is rather unappealing!

Try splitting the batch into two smaller containers that will seal nicely and shake the soap before using each time. This should help to break up the lumps. You could also put the soap through a blender to see if that creates a more even consistency.

This is something else I would like to work on...a more concentrated laundry soap with a creamy like consistency...if only our days were 48 hours long and I had the energy to endure them!!


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Please how do I use extracts I ran out of oils
by: Anonymous

I'm making the laundry soap now help!!!

Vashikaran specialist baba
by: lovesamrat

Nice information. Thank you for sharing with us the very useful and informative information.

laundry soap
by: Anonymous

Hi .I used to make the liquid soap, works great, the only problem is that my laundry room Is not as big as I would like to, only for that reason I switched to powder laundry soap, and I'm very happy, I need only one container and now I don't have to worry with the space for all the liquid containers. also no more problems with the "lumps"

by: Eline

Thanks for your answer, it was very helpful to me.

I put the soap through a blender like you suggested, and it seems to work! The soap is an even substance without any lumps, it looks a lot nicer!

By the way, it works just fine, before as well as after the blending: with or without lumps, I'm very pleased with this soap!

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