Lumps in Soap

by Sally
(Mossel Bay, South Africa)

How do you know that your soap is a flop, or that there is still some unconverted lye somewhere in your soap.

After tracing and adding EO and molasses, my dark brown mixture suddenly had many small light-colored lumps.

Some websites suggest the mixture was not mixed well enough and that the lumps are actually pure lye pockets! But the soap set well within 24 hours.


One quick and easy way to find out if the lumps are hard pockets of lye is to dig one out of the soap, moisten it and place it on a white paper towel. If a brown, burnt like spot appears under the white chunk then I would not suggest using the soap.

If it does not burn the paper then let it cure and test it with some litmus paper or phenolphthalein. Handmade soap should have a pH somewhere between 7 and 10. Lye has a pH of 14 so anything over 10 is likely too harsh.


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