Lost some of my lye mix by overflow

by Vivian

My liquid was 1200 gms of wine and I added 572 gms of lye. What I have left after overflow is 1252 gms of liquid. There was a lot of loss due to over flow and bubbled but don't understand what the total of liquid would have been after adding the lye?? Help!!


Sorry Vivian but I'm not sure if 1200 gms of wine and 572 grams of lye would actually equal 1772 grams of solution or not.

I did a quick little experiment with sugar and water and the solution was equal to the sum of it's parts. This may or may not be the case with wine and lye.

I'm going to post your question in the hopes that someone will know the answer. Or better yet, perhaps someone who is making soap with wine could give the solution a quick weigh just to see if the sum of the ingredients are equal in weight to the solution.


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