LOOFAH exfoliating soap with oatmeal and honey

by Indra
(Est Elmhurst, NY)

I hope you can help me to create soap : Loofah exfoliating soap with oatmeal and honey as seen on "Earth Therapeutics" company website.

Im new to CP making. Had a class a year ago and never made my own, only simple melt and pour, but now...its time to start making serious soap.

I would like start with a small batch to try out.




It looks like Earth Therapeutics loofah oatmeal and honey soap is a glycerin soap that has loofah, oatmeal and honey in it.

You could simply make this using a melt and pour soap base then add in some ground up loofah, oatmeal and a smidge of honey.

You could also choose one of my homemade soap recipes (omitting the optional ingredients and substituting your own) or choose one of my basic homemade soap recipes and add in the optional ingredients you want.

Here is a link to one of my pages that explains how I formulate a recipe. Hopefully you'll find it helpful.

Good luck,

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