Longest lasting fragrance oils?

by Maria

I am new to soap making and would like to try this company's products.

Bulk Apothecary

Since many of them are Bath and Body like scents, I thought going to the store and smelling them would help me decide.

One of the recipes I wanted to try is with just lard and olive oil soap and the other one is olive oil and coconut oil.

Would you recommend this company? Would fragrance oil last a long time? Which would you recommend to start with and not get discouraged?



Just like with essential oils, some fragrance oils last longer, are stronger, react better, etc. than others.

I am unfamiliar with the supplier you have posted but you could try joining the Soap Scent Review Board to see if they have some reviews on them. I've not been on that forum for some time so I'm not sure how up to date it is...tried to look just now but it seems I have forgotten my password!

When using a fragrance oil for the first time it is always best to do a test batch first. This can consist of pouring off a small amount of base from a batch you are making and using the unfamiliar fragrance oil to scent the small bit of base. Pour the scented base into a small mold and insulate with the full batch you are making.

Take notes and see what happens. If the fragrance oil works well in the test batch then you should be fine to go ahead and use it in a full batch.

Good luck,

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