Local Suppliers vs. Purchasing Online

by Jen
(Cedar Rapids, IA, USA)

I started making my own soap about a year ago. I love it - cannot say enough good things about its amazing benefits!

I'm having a problem with not being able to purchase bulk vegetable oils and lye locally. More often than not, I have to purchase online and not support my community.

I've gone back to college full time and I'm writing a paper about the importance of buying soapmaking supplies locally. I cannot find any reasearch to find out how much money we are spending online to purchase these items. Any direction you can offer would be outstanding. The more information and education we can get out locally, the more awareness there is.



Good question but I have no idea how much the general public spends online purchasing soap making supplies.

I try to support the closest suppliers but that isn't always possible. For me it's online sales or none at all since my location doesn't have any...at least not without having to take a 2 hour ferry ride first.

Good luck in your research,

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local suppliers
by: Anonymous

I buy my lye from our local farm center as farmers use it to clean their milking sheds.

Purchasing Bulk Lye & Oils
by: Shay

Here's a factor some people don't even consider and that is that a fertilizer manufacturing company may sell you Lye in bulk as it's used in fertilizer. Also another option is a place that sells hot tub and spa supplies as they often have Lye why I'm not sure on that one but I've heard many people say they get their Lye at a hot tub retailer. Maybe this helps. As for bulk oils you could ask your local restaurant if they could order bulk oils for you when they order their oil as restaurants order bulk oils for their needs. Just some other alternatives for you to consider!

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