Liquid vegetable shortening in making bar soap?

by Nick
(Scappoose, OR)

Can I use a liqiud vegetable shortening in making bar soap?


As long as you know what vegetable the oil is made from and what the SAP value is of that oil, I see no problem.

You can make soap from any oil. It's the combinations of oils that make a soap really great.

If the oil is a blend then you will have a hard time determining the SAP value since you can't know how much of each oil is present in the shortening.


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liquidvegetable shortening
by: Anonymous

I'm wondering if you can used in hot process, also add some stearic acid. that can help.

I've tried liquid shortening, but wouldn't recommend it.
by: Anonymous

I have tried liquid shortening and used the SAP value for Soybean oil, since that is the majority of the content of my liquid shortening.

However, I will not be using it again simply because the soap takes days to harden enough to unmold, even though I use almost 10% Castor Oil in my recipe! I actually still haven't figured out how many days- I tried 3 with my last batch and it was still very soft. I am finishing off what I have right now because I am too frugal to pitch it, but I would not recommend it. Please note that with solid shortening, I can unmold after only one day, and the only difference in my recipe is the solid to liquid shortening.

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