Liquid soap not sudising at all

by deedee
(Birdasboro, PA)

I recently made liquid body soap with 4 ozs. of a unscented glycerin bar soap, 1/2 tbsp. glycerin, 2 capsules of vitamin E oil and 5 cups of gently boiling water.

The liquid soap results were not as I would have liked it to be. The soap has no suds at all. It's just slickery and kind of slides off of you in the shower, I really could not wash with it.

What can I add to make it sudsier?

Great site, I'm so glad I found it.


Deedee, Birdsboro, PA


Unfortunately, diluting transparent soap into water will not produce a very good liquid soap. The end result is far too watery and as you noticed, will not really suds at all.

To make good liquid soap you need to start from scratch using potassium hydroxide and base oils.

For great information about making handmade liquid soaps take a look at Catherine Failors book, Making Natural Liquid Soaps. The book is full of all the information and recipes you will need to make great body soaps, shampoos and even bubble bath.


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