Liquid soap making - Catherine Failor

by Zene Kaye

I hope you are doing well! I just want to know if you perhaps know what Catherine Failor's email address is?

I searched everywhere on the internet but without success.

I bought Catherine Failor's book, "Making natural liquid soaps".

I have made my first batch of liquid soap yesterday but I need advice on how to run the liquid soap recipes through the soap calculator.

It seems you need to adjust the water as % of oils on the lye calculator.

I would be so glad if you can assist.

Thank you
Zene Kaye


I don't have her email address but she has a website called Milky Way Molds. There is a contact link at the bottom of the page that you could use to try and contact her.

Good luck Zene,

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by: Devi

Hello, My name is Devi. I had bought Catherine Failor's books a month ago. But something made me confused about using alcohol in hot process, isn't making it flame?
cooking alcohol in fire?
Can you help me? how to cook? what does she meant?how to be safe?
i am a new soap maker, i want to try to make it and i hope one day a can also sell it. and i am new in this process. Thank u


Catherine Failors books are about making transparent soap and liquid soap. These soap processes aren't really for the beginner soap maker.

I suggest learning how to make regular cold and hot process soap making first before trying these methods.

As for your question about how to cook the soap paste with the alcohol. This is not done on a open flame but on an electric element in a very well ventilated room or outside. The soap paste must have a heavy plastic tent over the pot that is secured with a bungie cord. The tent keeps the alcohol vapours from escaping and igniting.

If you decide to proceed with the transparent soap making, I strongly suggest reading the entire book before beginning. Catherine gives great detail on the safety measures that must be taken when making this type of soap.


Book recommendation
by: Anonymous

Hello Catherine, I just bought one of your books, Making transparent soap And it is awsome the best book I had bought, and I have 5 books about this issue. I'm from Mexico and I want to learn all about making soap, but not just that, I want to learn how to make, lip balms and etc. But I can't find a good book about this Could you please tell me a good one? I'm a graphic designer student, but I love to do soaps.


Though my name is Catherine I am not Catherine Failor, the creator of the books you are talking about. My name is Catherine Winsby and I am the creator of this website.

In answer to your question about obtaining books about making lip balms...just do a quick search on under the craft and hobby books section for bath and body books. Lots of options show up.

I also have a couple of recipes on my Bath and Body page.

Good luck,
Cathy Winsby

by: Anonymous

Hello I once made liquid soap from Catherine Failor's book and I tried turning it into shampoo and I had quite a difficult time. I found it hard to lower the ph and the soap ended up being very irritating for my hair. I read alot about surfactants and it seems that for shampoo I could get best results that way. Am I right ? Is that how manufacturers for natural shampoo work ? And if I decided to make my shampoo like Catherine Failor and sell it, how do I formulate the ingredient list ?
Thank you !

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