liquid glycerin

by Rawan


I am rawan from middle east-Joradan, well my wedding is in July and I want to prepare a home made soap as bridal shower party give away.

I searched here about lye, or solid glycerin but unfortunately , I could not find any.I just found liquid glycerin.

So how can you help me to find a solution to make soap. can I use liquid glycerin? can I bye NAOH powder then dissolve it in water so it will be lye?? is it dangerous?

Please help me to make this favors for my bridal shower.

Thank you very much.



NaOH is Sodium Hydroxide which is often referred to as lye. They are the same thing.

Please be sure to read my page on Sodium Hydroxide before proceeding with using it.

As for not confuse glycerin melt and pour soap with liquid glycerin. They are completely different products and are not interchangable.


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thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much dear for your reply, you added much information to me.

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