Lilac Scented Soap

by Hoyt
(Beaman Mo. USA)

I only started making soap to make my wife her favorite smell. Lilac!

I cannot find one single recipe for that unless it is mixed with Lavender which is not what I am looking for. Help.

I have only made two batchs so far both coffee but today I am gonna make a lilac soap with what I have learned and see what happens.

Thanks I saved your site in my favorites.


Unfortunately Lilac is one scent that cannot be found in an essential least not to my knowledge.

I would try to find a fragrance oil in that scent at one of the many soap making suppliers. Check out the Soap Scent Review Board for recommendations.

Good luck,

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First Batch of Lilac Scented Soap
by: Anonymous

I cured the soaps and the lilac soap with 1/2oz, 1oz and 2oz per batch are an awesome soap.

The 1/2oz and 1oz have been passed out as samples to test for skin sensitivity and as of yet; not a complaint.

Made patchouli and patchouli peppermint and of course more kitchen soap, but now I must make a liquid soap as I made this bar soap for my wife and she loves the scent but would rather have a liquid soap.

Selling @$1.50 an oz for bar soap but haven't figured the liquid yet.

Lilac Fragrance Oil
by: Hoyt

The soap sets up really fast using Lilac fragrance oil but the house smells awesome. I have more experimenting to do. Stay tuned.

Lilac scented soap
by: Silkfrog

Brambleberry has an awesome smelling lilac.

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