Lightening up a base soap

by Cindy

I need help trying to get a lighter color to base soap. Your base soap recipe is a lot lighter than mine, mine is kind of a tan/golden color which is fine, but when I add color and swirl, it is almost unrecognizable in the soap.

I am using coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil. Is adding titanium dioxide the only way to achieve this lighter affect. Your soaps look so pretty with the different colors added, but mine just get lost in the golden base color.
Thanks for your help


The best way to lighten up a soap is to use base oils that are as white or clear as possible.

I usually use coconut, palm, olive oil and castor oil as my main oils. The olive oil is one that is quite pale in colour....not too yellow and no green at all.

Titanium dioxide will lighten up the base colour but if your base is a tan colour then it will still be tan...just a lighter shade of tan.

Good luck,

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