Lemon soap

by Anonymous

When making homemade soap is it bad to just directly add lemon juice?


You would have to use the lemon juice in place of some of the water and either add the lye to the water/lemon juice solution or hold the lemon juice out and add it to the soap batter once it reaches a light trace.

As I've never tried this, I'm not sure what the result will be. I suggest experimenting with a small test batch and be sure to take lots of notes.

Be aware that the lemon juice will not really give the soap a 'lemony' scent. For that you will need an essential or fragrance oil.

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Lemon scent naturally
by: Anonymous

In my short experience, if it is a strong and natural lemon scent you are looking for the soap I posted a questionable about a few months ago has an incredible lemon smell and I used chopped up ( in a food processor) lemon leaves straight off the tree. The leaves turned a slight brown, but the soap smells incredible. My learning is that next time I will try it with dried lemon leaves instead if the fresh ones. Not sure this idea is for everyone, I am just trying to make my soap as natural as possible by using as much from nature as possible as well as using essential oils without having to use fragrances.

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