Layering soap problems

by Donna
(Carmel, Indiana, USA)

I made a batch of cp soap and poured the second layer over the first like I usually do and this time the second layer popped off after it cured and cut. Isn't there a way to make that layer stick to the bar?

Thanks, Donna


That's unfortunate!! Was there a quite some time between the soap layers being poured? The longer the time frame between pouring of the layers the better chance of the layers not sticking together.

Gelling the soap will really help the soap to bond together as well.

As for making the layer stick back onto the soap after the fact, I'm not sure. You could try scaping a crosshatch pattern onto each side of the soap, spray with rubbing alcohol and use melt and pour to 'glue' the layers together. I don't know how long it will hold for though.

Good luck,

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