Lard Substitute

by Nancy
(Whitehorse YT)

I don't like to use lard in my soapmaking but I've seen some really neat soap on your recipe page and would like to try them. What can I substitute for lard. Could I use vegetable shortening?


There are a number of oils you can substitute for lard. Visit the Fats and Oils page on my site and scroll down the the heading "Love that creamy lather". You will find quite a few different options.

You could use shortening as well but be aware that vegetable shortening is usually made up of various oils. Without knowing how much of each oil there is in the shortening it can be difficult to put the new recipe through a lye calculator. I would check the ingredients of the shortening and put into SoapCalc the oil listed first. SoapCalc does list Crisco brand so you could also go with that.

Good luck,

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