Labelling and Selling Homemade Soap

by Amanda
(Peachtree City, Ga, USA)

I'm selling my own homemade soap on Etsy and I was wondering if I need to include on the label that I use lye in the process.

I use it to cause the chemical reaction saponification and nothing more. I'm making all natural all organic soaps but since lye is a chemical do I need to include that on the label??

I'm a first time soap maker and saleswomen and I want to make sure that if it's something I'm suppose to include, that it's there, so I don't lead people on. Please help!!


To start, you will need to determine what category your product falls under.

Visit the FDA's page "Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (Or Is It Soap?)" and read the explanations.

If you determine that it falls under the term 'soap' then check out the link provided under the heading "And if it's soap?" to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Look at the 'Business and Manufacturing' section. I'm not familiar with US regulations so you will have to research it.

For the most part, lye is not usually listed on the label of soap as it no longer exists in the final product but it is a good idea to make sure you follow the guidelines for your area.

You mention that you are a first time soap maker. I do advise you to take time to perfect your soap product before you begin to sell it.

Do your research, learn everything you can about soap, get insurance, and practice, practice, practice!


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