Java Jumpstart Recipe

by Deb MacDonald
(Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY!)

Hi! My name is Deb & I'm curious about the Java Jumpstart Recipe on the recipe page. The link is inactive & I was wondering if you're going to reactivate it? Or is this a recipe that was only available for a period of time? (please, please, please say no!) I've been all over the web & just cannot find a coffee soap recipe to suffice & this one just looks AMAZING! I am new to soapmaking (from scratch...done melt & pour & that just doesn't cut it anymore) & just don't have the courage to come up with one my own. I REALLY hope that this isn't something that I missed!! I haven't even made a first soap yet (still in the research stage & that's how I found you) & would LOVE if this could be my first!! I purchase handmade coffee soap(@ $10/bar!) & really want to try to make it on my own!

Thanks in advance,
dmacdo1 from the ADK's

(If I ask REAL nice & send contact info...would you be willing to email it if it's no longer available here?? PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!?!?!)


As Java Jumpstart recipe is now up and running.

Just a word of caution though. You may want to start with a plain recipe as your first batch. This one sets up really fast as do any recipes that contain spice oils. As a first timer, I suggest something like my Basic Homemade Soap recipe. You can add some scent and colour to it to make it more exciting.

Happy Soaping!

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