Is palm oil same as shortening?

by Anonymous

Hello. I am trying make home made soap by my self. All of handmade soap require palm oil as base. However, I could not find the just palm oil it self from the any store but whole food market sells the palm oil shortening. The brand name is Spectrum and it made with 100% presses palm oil as a ingrediant.

I really want to make sure that this shortening is same as palm oil base for soap. Would you recommend carrier oil store or the site where I can buy some oils from?

Thank you


I did a quick Google search for Spectrum Shortening and the ingredients list is 100% expeller pressed palm oil. I believe it is the same as regular palm oil.

For a long list of soap making suppliers visit my Suppliers Page. You should be able to find a supplier near to you.

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I use it
by: Laurie

This sounds like the same oil I use. Organic all vegetable shortening "non-hydrogenated" it is mechanically pressed organic palm oil as the only ingredient. Works like a charm. Is the only vegetable shortening I have used.

Vegetable Shortening
by: Christine (UK)

In the UK one of our equivalents to vegetable shortening is called TREX. It lists its ingredients as 'vegetable oils' but is not specific, I tried to research it but can't find any answers, not even from their site! I did however find someone who wrote to them enquiring the same, but the company is not willing to disclose. Don't they have a legal obligation to say which specific oils are in their products?

I have found a recipe for using TREX but how can I
run/re-check the recipe via lye calculator?


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