Insect repellant

by Jojo

I am trying to locate a recipe for a soap or lotion that would keep the bugs off of me while camping, mosquitos are the main problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Jo jo


Incorporating essential oils that are bug repelling into your recipes...either soap or lotion or both are a good way to go.

Visit my page on Blending Scents for a list of bug repelling essential oils.


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Try Neem Oil
by: Anonymous

Or use Neem oil/flakes. Neem oil is from India...the smell isn't that pleasant, but it works wonders on keeping the insects away, not only from humans, but also pets!

Insect repellent soap
by: Anonymous

I tried a recipe blending citronella, cedar wood and anise seed EOs in a soap and it worked well.

For a 1800 grams recipe I blended: 3 tbsps citronella, 2 tbsps of the other two.

Some people use neem oil as one of the components of the soap, but I have never tried it.

The other EO that is very effective is chamomile but it is very pricey.

Good luck!

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