Ingredients for making soap

by Anonymous

I have a list of ingredients for making soap but I don't know the amounts to use for each ingredient. Could some one suggest the proper amount for each to make good soap product. Here is the list.

Thank you for the help.

1. Glycern
2. Sorbitol
3. Sodium Cocoyl
4. Isethionate
5. Shea Butter
6. Sodium Chloride
7. Jojoba Oil
8. Phenoxyethonol
9. Natural Almond Oil
10. Jojoba Spheres
11. Water
12. Tetrasodium EDTA
13. Vitimin E
14. Fragrance
15. Cosmetic Colorant


I think many of those ingredients are more for commercial soap making rather than handmade soap making and I am unfamiliar with commercial processes.


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