I bought some coconut oil soap

by Billi

I bought some saphonated coconut oil bar soap from tropical traditions and I had an immediate and long lasting stinging sensation and redness.

4 hrs after using it I was still experiencing stinging. I rinsed my face well twice. I have been using coconut oil on my skin for quite some time now but never used the soap before.

Could this be a faulty bar of soap or am I just not able to use the bar soap? Any advice is appreciated. I did email TT about this issue and am waiting for a response.



Some people are sensitive to various ingredients used in soap making.

Definitely stop using the bar you have since you are obviously having a reaction to something in the soap.

If you suspect that the soap you have is caustic, try this test...rub some water on the soap (using rubber gloves of course) and smear the soapy water on white paper. If the paper goes brown, it is possible that the soap still has free lye in it.


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