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I am feeling slightly confused after reading this:

Q. After I've made my soap (melt & pour or cold process), how should I store it?

A. Storing cold process soap and melt and pour is a fairly easy process. Simply place the bars, gently, into a semi-air tight container (a Rubbermaid container will work just fine - a shoebox is too permeable) and store, out of sunlight. Do not store different scents in the same box; they WILL blend and mix with each other. I also like to put a cotton ball, saturated with fragrance, inside the container as well. It seems to help the scent really stick in the soap! Once you're done storing your soap, just add a little baking soda to the bottom of the container, and let sit, for a few days to help get rid of any remaining scent that may have leeched into the plastic.

Is this done after the soap has been left to air dry after 4-6 weeks or after 24-48 hours after un-moulding, since its in a semi-air tight container? Also, does Tupperware work well for storage? Rubber-maids are not exactly cheap!


I'm guessing that this answer is a readers comment or you read it somewhere else? I prefer to store my soap in cardboard boxes and do not place scented cotton balls into the box with the soap.

Soap should be air dried, not touching each other, on a shelf in a cool, dry location for approx. 4 - 6 weeks. This is the cure time when excess water will evaporate out of the soap. If the soap is touching each other or is in an air tight container, the excess moisture will not be able to evaporate and leave. It will settle back on to the soap which will likely shorten the shelf life of the bars.

Once the cure time is over, I like to store the bars, stacked into cardboard boxes. The first layer of bars are laid down with slightly smaller than bar sized gaps between the bars. I then lay papertowel down and stack the next layer of bars placing the bars over the gaps. This way there is very little overlap of the bars and they touch each other as little as possible. Hope that makes sense.



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Melt and pour soap wrapping
by: Vicki

I think you will find that the best way to both store and gift wrap the finished product is by wrapping it in wax paper. I source mine very cheaply by purchasing online through Etsy. There are lots of patterned sheets available for gift wrapping. It needs to " breathe" which cling wrap and cellophane paper does not allow it to do.

Thank you
by: Chlores

Thank you so much for your help.Its very kind of you helping people
I will ask you more questions,I just started make soap.

shelf life of mp soaps
by: Anonymous


What's the usual shelf life of a M&P soap if dried herbs and matcha powder and sugar were added to it?

Melt and pour glycerine base
by: Zulma

I'm confused about the melt and pour soap glycerine base because I read they need to be wrapped after they have been un-molded. Can you help me. Or I can store them like you said.


I believe one of my readers has copied the above question and answer from another site somewhere because it confused her and she wanted clarification.

My response was to the portion about cold process soap but I should have been more specific and given a response to the melt and pour reference as well.

Sorry about that!

You are correct that melt and pour soap should be wrapped after in has cooled and hardened.

Cellophane or cling wrap works very well.

Melt and pour soap should also be stored in a cool, dry location.


How to store my soaps after making them
by: Elizabeth

I have my soaps on a shelf in a dark, cool room for curing, and wonder; Do I cover them with a towel or fabric or just let them air dry in open room?
Also, will this make the scent to fade after soaps are cured?

Boxes closed or open
by: Suz

Thanks for your help, Cathy. When you place them in the cardboard boxes and arrange the soap as you explained, do you then close the cardboard box or leave it open? If you do leave it open, do you stack cardboard boxes with different scented soaps in each box on top of each other, or will this still mix the scents? Thanks in advance for your reply.


My preference is one scent per box stored stacked with the lids on.


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