How to stop greasy soap at market stall?

by Anonymous

I made some melt n pour soaps to sell at a craft market. However, the weather was a little warm/humid and they became so greasy I couldn't even pick them up! Even at room temperature the base is slightly greasy.

Is there anything I can do when making the soaps to reduce this? Or are there melt n pour bases out there which don't have this problem? (I'd like to stick to melt n pour as I'm a beginner).



Hot and humid is a soap's worst enemy and a soap makers nightmare!

It's probably not oil on the soap but rather, water that becomes slippery when mixed with the soap.

Melt and pour soap contains quite a bit of glycerin which is a humectant. Humectants draw moisture from the air. If the air is humid, the soap will pull the moisture from the air to the soap bar.

Keep the soap out of direct sunlight. Only place a bit of product out and keep the rest under the table where it is a little cooler. You could try placing silica packets in the soap storage containers as well.

Try using the "low sweat" melt and pour base, it is said to be good for humid climates. Bramble Berry carries it in clear and white.

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Greasy soap
by: Anonymous

M&P soaps should be enclosed in plastic for storage and to put out for sale. Shrink wrap works really good at protecting your product from this problem, (also from everyones nasty germs when they pick up the products)

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