How to make baby soap

by Jennifer

I need soap!!

I need soap!!

I would like to know how to make a baby soap for my son (he is almost 2) that is similar to the Burt's baby bee buttermilk soap.

Bar form would be best - he has recently learned how to empty a squeeze bottle, and tear free is a must. I have not been able to find a suitable recipe online as of yet. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jennifer,

I Googled Bert's Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap and it looks like it is made with an all vegetable soap base. You could try an olive oil melt and pour soap base. This one from Brambleberry is very nice and about as all natural as you're going to get in a melt and pour soap - Olive Oil Melt and Pour Base. Burts Bees has added oat flour and buttermilk powder along with fragrance and titanium dioxide....personally I would skip the last two ingredients when making soap for young ones.

If you would prefer to make your soap from scratch, I would suggest one that is high in olive oil. Something like 60% Olive oil, 20% Coconut oil, and 20% Shea Butter or Palm oil with approximately an 8% lye discount. You could replace a portion of the water with buttermilk and add it along with some oat flour once it reaches a light trace. Unfortunately I don't have a tested recipe at this time.

As for the "tear free" requirement.....sorry but soap is by nature tearful when it enters the're not going to get away from that. Even the Burt's Bees cautions against contact with the eyes. Johnson and Johnson's 'No More Tears' Shampoo is actually soap free.

Hope that helps and thanks for adding the picture...your sons smile is delightful!!


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pH of baby soap
by: yakzum

what is the basic pH of baby soap?

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