How much vitamin e is enough?

by Jack

Hi, I'm wondering how much vitamin e to put in cp soap, lip balm, and body balm? Thanks.


Apparently Vitamin E oil isn't very effective in CP soap because it doesn't survive the saponification process.

It's listed in some of my recipes simply because it was part of a Sweet Almond oil I had....I imagine it was added by the manufacturer to prolong the life of the Sweet Almond oil.

As for adding it to lip balms, body balms, etc.....I would follow the manufactures instructions. There are quite a few different varieties out there these days and each has a different strength so each would require a different amount to be used.

Soap making suppliers sell a good variety and most often supply the usage instructions as well.

Visit my Preservatives page for information on some of the preservative choices available and my method of keeping soap fresh.

Good luck,

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