How much Kaolin Clay do I use?

by Keith

What is the general amount of kaolin clay to use per pound of oils? I am using the kaolin clay as a fixative.

Thanks, Keith


The general rule is to use up to 1 Tbsp of Kaolin clay per pound of base oils.


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by: Karuna

Hello. As kaolin is used to set the aromas. thanks

Kaoline clay
by: Anonymous

My soap is firming up very quickly, almost to quick to work with. I am using the Kaoline clay and adding it just before trace. should I add it at different time? I am also adding T.D. to the lye solution? any suggestions? I am adding 1 tsp. per lb. of oil

Quickly setting soap
by: Cathy

Kaolin clay is not likely the cause of your soap setting up quickly. Nor the titanium dioxide.

Check out the troubleshooting page, specifically question #8 for possible causes of soap setting up too quickly.

Your soap has seized in the pot.

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